Website Help and Tips

For DPI entry help click here

I have not received my registration confirmation email or entry confirmation email

In the event that you do not receive your registration e-mail firstly check your spam folder. If you use PC software such as Outlook or Thunderbird, remember to also check the spam folder on-line using your web browser. In the event of any problems please contact the Website Administrator.

I have forgotten my User Name or Password

Hint: Click the 'Remember me next time' option on the login screen to display your user name each time you login.   

If you have previously registered on the website you can retrieve your user name via the Forgotten Login page.

Once you have answered the security questions your password will be reset and your user name and new password will be e-mailed to you. Please follow the instructions in the email to access your account.

It is recommended that you follow the instructions in the e-mail to change your password to something memorable.

Please contact the Website Administrator if you cannot remember your security question response.

Uploading files to our website

You can now upload your entries directly to our website.

  • Images can be uploaded after you have paid on-line via Paypal. Images can be uploaded at any time before the closing date.
  • Images can be uploaded on the Upload Files page accessed vie the main menu of the right hand side of the home page.
  • The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 2MB any file greater than this size will be rejected during the up-load process.
  • Each file name must be unique across all classes within each entry.

Please note that there is no effect on image quality during the website upload and file transfer processes.

Deleting Uploaded Files

You can delete files uploaded in error at any time until the entry is processed by the society. (Batch processing at irregular intervals)

  • Upload Files page accessed via the main menu of the right hand side of the home page.
  • Press the Delete button next to the image you wish to delete. (This button is only available when a file has been uploaded and before processing by the Society for the exhibition).
  • Re-upload files (See Uploading files to our website above)

Editing Image Titles

If you wish change the title of an entry this can be done via the Manage My Entry page. Titles can be amended at any time before the entry is processed by the Society.

  • Log on to the website using your User Name and Password.
  • Access you Manage My Entry page.
  • Click the view button next to the appropriate class.
  • Click the edit button edit image next to the image name you wish to edit. (This button is only available until the entry has been processed by the society).
  • Edit your image title accordingly.
  • Press the Update button to save your changes or Cancel to cancel your changes.

DPI Help

If you need any futher assitance please email

File specifications

  • Only jpg files will be accepted.
  • Images should be sized 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high and will be displayed in landscape format. Free space around the image may be filled with any colour, design or texture.
  • The images should be saved in sRGB colour space.
  • The maximum saved file size should be no more that 2MB.
  • For files uploaded to the web site It is recommended that the saved file name should be the image title as entered on your application form and must be unique across all classes within each entry.
    • eg 'Three men in a boat.jpg'.
  • You can delete and re-upload files at any time before the entry is processed see Deleting above
  • Please Note: Any entries not complying with the above may be automatically changed by our viewing software to comply with these image specifications. If the image cannot be updated then it will be rejected from the competition.

HELP-CD Writing

  •  Burn your CD to ISO 9660 which is an international standard. If written to that standard and ‘Closed’ or 'finalised', the CD should open on any computer. Not all CD writing software shows these options.
  • The CD can contain more than one entry. Each entry must be saved in it's own folder, this folder must be named with either;
    • The entry number if you have entered on line.
    • The entrants name from the entry form.
  • If you have entered more than one digital class please create a separate folder for each class entered. 
  • Please name each file in the form "n title.jpg" where "n" is the image number as appearing on the entry form "title" is the image name as entered on the entry form.
  • If you have entered on-line you have the opportunity edit your entry at any point before the society processes your entry.  Click here for instructions.
  • Please mark your CD with your name and entry number (if you have entered on line). Please do not use self adhesive labels

About the Selection Process.

  • Images will be projected by round for the Selectors in random order. Titles will be displayed briefly. The entrants personal details will not be displayed
  • The display software is colour aware and the projector is profiled.
  • Before selection the projector will be adjusted to the satisfaction of the selectors as follows: Brightness and contrast will be set using colour wedges, greyscales and a selection of typical images.

Display / Publication of selected

The selected images will be projected as follows:

  •  During the Exhibition they will be displayed at (venue to be arranged) on a monitor or TV and may also be displayed in a similar way at other times and venues, e.g. Public Libraries.
  •  Prizewinning images will be displayed on the SPS website.


If needed you may email